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NFE 2012 Rules

The Narnia Fic Exchange is an annual anonymous fic exchange, similar to Secret Santas and other fanwork gift exchanges.

Participants submit a request, with prompt ideas such as characters, situations, and themes. The mods match these requests with another participant, who then writes the requested fic. All participants receive a fic based on their request/prompt. The authors are anonymous until all the stories have been posted.

Please read this thoroughly before signing up for the exchange.

Important dates:
Sign-ups open: 11 June
Sign-ups ends: 20 June
Prompts sent out: 25 June
Fics due: 28 July
Posting begins: 5/6 August

Most important:

1) You must submit a story of 1000 words by the deadline. If you need an extension, you must contact us before the deadline to arrange this. If the deadline passes and we do not have your fic, it will be assigned to a pinch-hitter.

2) You must use a beta. Repeat: YOU MUST USE A BETA. Repeat one more time: YOU MUST USE A BETA. If you do not have a beta, check our beta post. If you turn in an unbetaed story, it will be returned to you for corrections. If you do not return the story with corrections, your assignment will got to a pinch-hitter.

3) If you need to drop out (which, no problem, life happens and we totally understand this, having dropped out of exchanges/challenges ourselves!), YOU MUST CONTACT US TO LET US KNOW. There are many ways to contact us: via email, via PM, or via comment on an admin post in the comm. If you drop out without contacting us, you may be banned from future fic exchanges. We have been burned too many times and had to scramble to find pinch-hitters to want to give unlimited chances. There is no penalty for dropping out, as long as you let us know.

Summary: You must submit a beta-read story of 1000 words by the deadline. If you need an extension, you must contact us to arrange this. If you need to drop out, you must contact us to let us know, or else you may be banned from future exchanges.

Requests and prompts

- If you are requesting a fic, it's assumed that you're able and willing to write a fic in return. Sure, life may throw surprises and emergencies at you, but remember that someone is taking the time to write you a fic, so let's pay it forward.

- You can request a fic about any canon character. You can request bookverse, movieverse or AU stories. This is a exchange for the characters in Narnia, not their actors, so no RPF prompts, please. You are allowed to ask for crossovers as well, but be considerate and offer an alternative, in case your writer doesn't know the other fandom.

- You can be as detailed or vague as you want when filling out your prompt. Your assigned writer will do their best in fulfilling your wishes, but remember, no writer thinks the same, so your prompt may not be fulfilled exactly as you may have originally envisioned.

Writing and submitting

- The fic you write must be at least 1000 words in length. You are more than welcome to write longer fics. The only requirement is that the story is complete by the time you send in your fic. We need all the chapters before we can start posting your story.

- Please do not discuss your assignment publicly. This is an anonymous fic exchange, and having the writer/recipient stay anonymous is part of the fun!

- Stories must be beta read before being turned in. Remember, this fic is a gift for someone, and you want it to be the best it can be. See the beta post if you don't already have a beta.

- When your fic is finished, please email it to us as an attachment. Word doc or docx or text doc is fine - however, please see the submission guidelines for submitting word docs/docx to help avoid some problems.

-Tag [html codes] your story before sending it in. If your fic is not tagged, we will send it back to you. If your story doesn't need tags please note when submitting it.

- The stories will be posted anonymously, with only the person it was written for being revealed. This means that the identity of the author won't be revealed until the end of the exchange. At the end of the exchange a master list of all the fics and their authors will be posted. Please don't post or acknowledge your story anywhere else before the exchange is over.

- And always, always remember to say thank you! Someone has taken time to write you a fic! Please remember to thank your writer for their effort. We cannot stress this enough! Just say thank you - it will mean the world to your writer.

Deadlines, Extensions, Dropouts

- We want this to be a fun exchange for everyone, and we want everyone who writes a fic to receive a fic. If you sign up to participate, we expect you to turn in your story by the due date. We have posted all the important dates, and we expect you to be able to stick to them.

- That said, we understand about life's surprises and emergencies. And we understand too, that sometimes you're just not able to write the story, for whatever reason. And that's okay! No reason to feel bad about any of it - we understand that it happens. The only thing we ask is that you let us know if you have to drop out, so we can find someone to cover your story. If the deadline comes and you haven't turned in a story, we'll find a pinch-hitter to cover your assignment.

- We won't begin posting stories until all are turned in. Extensions are not automatic, nor are they “take all the time you need to finish.” If you need an extension, you need to contact the mods to request one. If you are granted an extension, your fic must be turned in by new due date assigned. If we do not have your fic by that day, your prompt will be assigned to a pinch-hitter.
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