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This is not an ending - for be_themoon

Title: This is not an ending
Author: voiceinahead
Recipient: be_themoon
Rating: G
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: none
Summary: Moments on Ramandu's Island.

This is not an ending

When they saw Liliandil the first time on Ramandu’s Island, their first reactions were all different. For Eustace, Liliandil was just another crazy Narnian – although a pretty one, and by now he had learned to wait and see before he judged. For Lucy, Liliandil was yet another miraculous person to meet on yet another magical island. For Edmund, Liliandil was the most beautiful person he had ever seen and he was charmed at once, and immediately scolded himself because of being so superficial. What Caspian felt was clearly written on his face ¬- simply put: he saw his future wife. He didn’t know how he knew it, but somehow he just knew. Lucy saw him and smiled. She had a good feeling about Caspian and Liliandil together.

When Liliandil first saw them, she of course already knew who they were and why they had come, but she also was slightly surprised. They were so young, even King Caspian, of whom she had heard great things. And the young redhead girl who was dressed up the same way as the men and seemed the most at ease in the situation, her smile seemed to invite Liliandil into a comfortable friendship. Her life so far had been slow, calm and rather solitary. She had been happy, but in a calm way. Stars knew each other and sometimes visited, but they weren’t quite as up close, or friendly and warm as ordinary mortals. Perhaps it was because of their short life that they were so passionate and quick to act. Liliandil wasn’t quite sure what she thought of them, but they were interesting. Especially the dark-haired, handsome Telmarine King. Liliandil felt her cheeks blush under the admiring gaze of the young man; she had never been watched quite like that and to her surprise, it excited her like nothing else.

Ramandu’s Island was the perfect spot for a little rest after all the rough sailing and adventures. After only a few hours they already felt rested and it was as if time had slowed down. It seemed that there was plenty of time to talk and laugh, although they all knew that their journey was not at its end. Edmund and Lucy felt that their time in Narnia was slowly running out, but on Ramandu’s Island, even that unhappy feeling seemed to stay a little further back in their minds.

“I know we’re leaving soon, but I think Caspian will manage quite well without us,” Lucy said. She and Edmund were sitting side by side leaning into a tree near Aslan’s table, talking and resting after a great meal.

“I will miss Narnia and him, but I think you’re right,” Edmund said, ”Narnia doesn’t need us anymore.” He remembered Peter saying the exact same words the last time they were in Narnia and winced slightly. To avoid using the exact same words he added, “Caspian is a good king.” But he didn’t know what else to say.

“Oh, I have a feeling it still does, at least for a while,” Lucy said cheerfully. She also knew that they would soon have to return home, but she had started to feel rather good about it, even when she had a feeling this would be their last trip to Narnia. They would miss Narnia and the Narnians terribly, but she had a feeling that Aslan wouldn’t abandon them even back in London. She had no idea how she knew it, she just did and she suspected that Aslan Himself had something to do with that certainty. So they should simply enjoy their time here now, as long as it would last.

”You can’t seriously say you’re marrying her, just like that? No consideration at all, no thinking of how this will affect your foreign policy? I know you need to find a spouse quickly in order to have an heir, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think first!”

“No, Edmund, you don’t understand, I love her.”

Edmund couldn’t understand what was wrong with Caspian. He loved her? After only one day of knowing her and only a few words exchanged. It was insane!

”Have you even met the princess of Archenland? Think of the political advantage there! What comes through Liliandil? The alliance of the stars? I don’t think so. You should at least think of your options.”

“No. I don’t need to. I love Liliandil, I know that. I will marry her, if only she wants me,” Caspian said it very matter-of-factly but the end came out rather dreamy.

“You’re seriously not going to take any of my advice again, are you?” Edmund sighed, defeated.

“Not in the matters of heart, no,“ Caspian smiled and patted Edmund’s shoulder in a friendly, warm manner, “I think you should actually be the one to hear other’s advice on that part.”

Liliandil sat by a cliff that showed a beautiful view at the sea. She loved this place. This particular part of the cliffs, but also the whole island, her home. She had never wanted to leave, never before yearned for foreign countries. But that was before King Caspian showed up on the island. Her father had shown his clear approval, saying Caspian was a great King and he would grow even greater. And the dark, handsome Telmarine was so intriguing. Liliandil wasn’t sure what to call her feelings, the only sure thing was that she had never felt like this before. She had talked with the young girl, Queen Lucy the Valiant of the Golden Age. Lucy was a sweet girl, she had understood and tried her best to explain human relations. Love. That was the word she said could be what Liliandil felt. She had said her face showed love when she looked at Caspian. And Lucy had also said that Caspian’s eyes shone bright with love too. It was all so new to her and yet she had thought she was wise.

“She’s afraid,” Lucy explained.

”Afraid? Have I done something wrong?” She and Caspian were walking back towards Aslan’s Table, having retrieved some fresh clothes for them. She had decided it was time for Caspian to know what was going on so he could talk with Liliandil, before they sailed onwards on their quest.

“No, she’s afraid of love.”

”Love?” Caspian seemed baffled. ”How can one be afraid of love?”

“Ask Edmund.” Lucy sighed and then winced. ”Or rather, don’t ask, he’d just get angry. It’ts sometimes complicated. Really complicated. Especially if one hasn’t ever known love before. Some people don’t see it as clearly, that if you’re too afraid of loving someone just because you’re afraid of losing the love, you might as well be dead. We two, we know love is important, no matter how long it lasts,” Lucy smiled a gentle, knowing smile. Caspian had no idea where she had learned all that, but he supposed it had to be in the Golden Age, since then she had grown up to a (as the stories said) pretty young Queen.

“I suppose it takes a while for a person to learn what love is and how fast it can just … disappear.” Caspian looked as if he was lost in thought and Lucy thought she had a pretty good idea of what was going on in the young King’s mind.

“Susan missed you, too,” Lucy said gently. ”But she said that it was important for her to have met you.”

“It was important for me too. But now, having met Liliandil, I can’t even remember what I felt for Susan.”

“I think you’re really in love this time,” Lucy said, ”and I think Liliandil would make a fine queen. Don’t listen to Edmund too much.”

“I won’t. He does have a good point, but in this I wish to follow my heart.”

Lucy simply smiled. Caspian would know what to do. Narnia would be safe under this rule.

Edmund walked up to Lucy on the beach of Ramandu’s Island. His expression was calm and Lucy could see a tiny smile lurking somewhere there.

“What’s going on?” Lucy asked, curious.

“I just saw them. It sorted out well,” Edmund said and now he was really smiling, there was a tiny mischievous glint in his eyes.

“What sorted out?”

“The smartest match in Narnia. Liliandil will travel to Narnia when Caspian returns from the Edge of the World.”

And that is when Lucy realized, that her brother had possibly finally realized something about love.

When the time came for them to leave, at the Edge of the World, they did not mourn. There were tears, but they were not bitter tears, because this was not an ending. Their time in Narnia was over, but they still had so much to go. When Aslan sent them through the portal, Edmund glanced back the last time and saw Caspian wave at them. Eustace let out a soft sob and saw Caspian raise his hand in a last greeting to his friend. Despite the bright sun, he thought he could see a bright blue star somewhere in the sky.

Original Prompt that we sent you:
What I want: LB AU, Susan & Pevensie of your choice travel the world after the train crash. LB AU crossover with X-Men First Class, in which the Pevensies are mutants who help Xavier at his school and Lucy is the nurse who put him through physical therapy. Super clever and awesome Susan without fighting. Edmund/Caspian/Lucy/Liliandil on the Dawn Treader, during their resting time on Ramandu's island, their convergences and ~*Feelings*~(bookverse or movieverse, respectful treatment of Liliandil please). Any of these. Any combination of these. Anything that seems kind of like it fits these general ideas. I'm easy to please.
Prompt words/objects/quotes/whatever: "Here between the country / that will not remember our love / and the sea, our clothes spill / like sand from a tilted / palm. / ... / This is not an ending / and time has not been / unkind. We reach the edge / of our lives. We stop in awe / of how much further we have to go." Cyril Wong. this photo. and this one.
What I definitely don't want in my fic: Bashing of any character, Susan being mistreated, Aslan as an all-powerful or really kind god, porn.
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