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Narnia Fic Challenge

Narnia Fic Challenges, Fests, and Big Bang!

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Narnia fic Challenges (the Narnia Fic Exchange and the Big Bang!)
Welcome to Narnia Fic Challenge, home of the Narnia Fic Exchange and the Narnia Big Bang.

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The Narnia Fic Exchange is an annual anonymous fic exchange, similar to Secret Santas and other fanwork gift exchanges.

Participants submit a request, with prompt ideas such as characters, situations, and themes. The mods match these requests with another participant, who then writes the requested fic. All participants receive a fic based on their request/prompt. The authors are anonymous until all the stories have been posted.

See here for the lists of fics produced for this challenge.


The Narnia Big Bang is a longer, non-anonymous challenge, for both writers and fan-artists.

A Big Bang is when an author writes a long piece of fic (20,000 words minimum in this case) and an artist creates a piece of art for them. This can include all kinds of artwork (fanart), such as illustrations, icons, fan mixes, fan vids and banners.

Because we know not everyone is comfortable with such a long story, we also offer the option of a Mini Bang - a story with a minimum of 10,000 words. There is still an art component to this at a similarly scaled down level. There are also prompts available for writers to choose from.


Who's in charge?


Questions or concerns please email: narniaficexchange@gmail.com

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