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Madness Poll results

Okay, folks, the poll results were in favor of opening up the requests, and giving people a longer time to write treats.

Here's the revised schedule:

NFE 2015 Schedule:

Tag nominations open: June 9th
Signups open: June 24th
Signups close: July 6th
Assignments sent out: by July 12th

Fics due: anytime before August 23rd
Prompts Revealed/Madness: July 18th - August 30th
Collections opens: August 30th
Authors revealed: September 6th

Please remember these things:

People can chose a prompt to write in addition to their assignment. That's important: even if you choose another prompt (or multiple prompts) to treat, you still have to complete your assignment by the due date.

You don't have to participate. Madness and treats are never mandatory.

You don't have to be a participant in the regular exchange to write treats. You'll be writing a treat, but not receiving one.

People can write as many treats as they'd like, and multiple people could write the same prompts.

You can post any treats to the NFE Madness Collection. You'll still have that extra week to write, after all the stories are due, too, and both collections will be revealed on August 30th, and authors revealed on September 6th.

The prompts have all been revealed, and you can find them here! Any treats you write for these prompts should be posted here, in the Madness Collection.

If any of the links aren't working, or you have any questions, feel free to comment here, or to email me at! Thanks for voting and participating in the NFE, and have fun writing your treats! :D
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