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Madness POLL

Hey folks! I had a couple of people suggest that instead of waiting for the week between the fic due date and reveals, I could open the prompts now and give people extra time to write treats.

This would mean that you'd have a longer time to write treats than just a Madness week. So it would work out for people who aren't fast writers (I count myself among those!) or people who didn't sign up for the exchange, but would still like to participate.

I envision it like this:

I would reveal all prompts ASAP, people could chose a prompt to write in addition to their assignment. That's important: even if you choose another prompt (or multiple prompts) to treat, you still have to complete your assignment by the due date.

You don't have to participate. Madness and treats are never mandatory.

You don't have to be a participant in the regular exchange to write treats. You'd be writing a treat, but not receiving one.

People could write as many treats as they'd like, and multiple people could write the same prompts.

You could post any treats to the NFE Madness Collection. You'd still have that extra week to write, after all the stories are due, too, and both collections will be revealed on August 30th.

Poll #2016790 Madness Poll

Should we reveal prompts before Madness Week and allow extra time for treating?

Yes, change it!
No, keep it the same!

Any strong feelings of why? (here or in comments)

Thanks for voting! If you don't have an LJ account to vote with, you can comment and I'll take that into consideration!
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