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NFE 2015 Tagset Questions

Like last year, this post is to clarify some of the nominations. We’re trying to arrive at a final set of freeform tags that are broad enough to be requestable by multiple people for multiple prompts.

The goal of tags is to make it easier to match participants on broad, Narnia-relevant parameters (ex. canon time periods, locations, magical concepts) or broad genres (ex. AUs, backstory, worldbuilding), even if they don’t have a particular character or pairing in mind. Please remember that your prompt will still be written out in the optional details; the tag doesn't need to encompass it. If you’re requesting specific characters or pairings, you don’t have to request any freeform tags at all! Even if a tag gets rejected, you should still ask for the thing in your optional details.

We’ll post a glossary of the final tag set, with definitions, when sign-ups open.

I'm going to create a more general "Magic & Spells" tag, and then you can request more specifically about alchemy in the prompts.

Burnt Island
I'm assuming the same person asked for these? If so, I added "The Eastern Sea" and to the settings tags so it fits with the other ones, and "Other Mythical Creatures" to cover creatures not in Narnia. You can request Eastern Sea and in the optional details to ask for this island in particular and for stuff about dragons.

Is this about the stars, or is this a more general theme of reincarnation? Other than them, reincarnation more generally isn't really a Narnia-relevant theme (to my knowledge, but I'm happy to be proven wrong!), and is therefore more of a thing for the optional details.

Everybody Lives
Post - The Last Battle
These overlapped and were a bit ambiguous. I've added "Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies" for stories about Friends of Narnia in England who don't die, or about Narnia that continues (or other stuff like that). I've also added "Aslan's Country" for people who want post-Last Battle afterlife (but it could also be about Reepicheep's adventures after VotDT and stuff like that). For Susan post-canon you could pick Susan + Setting: England.

The below were rejected because they are more for optional details than tags:
Happy Endings - This is something you should ask for in the details, the way people ask for “no incest” or “no Susan bashing”.
Platonic Life Partners - You can nominate non-romantic pairings by using the & tag. So, for example, you'd request the “Jill Pole & Eustace Scrubb” pairing tag (or the two character tags), and then in the details explain how you’d like to see their relationship.
Nobody Leaves - This is a very specific request for Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence. Request that tag and use the optional details to ask for this.
Hurt/Comfort - This almost always goes with a specific character or pairing, and is therefore more for the optional details where you give ideas of what kinds of stories or tropes for that character/pairing you would like to see.
Homesickness - See Hurt/Comfort
Secret Heritage - See Hurt/Comfort
Murder Mystery - Very specific activity that isn't very Narnia-particular; please use optional details to ask for this, either with certain characters and/or request a few time periods/settings you'd like to see a murder mystery in, even if you don't have characters in mind.
Treasure Hunting - see Murder Mystery
Redemption - This is either like the Hurt/Comfort one where you'll most likely be requesting a character or pairing, and this is an option detail about the kind of story you'd like for that character or pairing; or it's like the treasure hunting one, where it's a little too specific of a scenario/theme (and also isn't particular to Narnia or a setting). Please use the optional details to ask for this.
Last Hope - not sure what this means, but it seems more like something for optional details
The First Joke - Queen Helen & Jackdaw is in, under relationships.
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