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Admin: Reminder, your stories are due TODAY!

Yes, that's right, the deadline has come. All stories must be turned in today, September 20th. I am not worried about timezones - if it's still September 20th when you upload your story, wherever you are, it's fine.

Basically, it just has to be posted to the collection when I wake up tomorrow (and okay, for timezone people, that's 8:00 a.m. EST, so you can do the math *g*).

If you are not going to be able to complete your story, you need to let me know today! If I don't hear from you, the story will go out to the pinch-hit list. There is no penalty for dropping out, as long as you let me know. If you drop out without a word, you may be banned from participating in future exchanges. Default on AO3 or email me at if you will not be submitting a story today.

Also: while I guarantee that there will be a story for everyone who turned in a story, I do not guarantee that there will be a story for everyone who signed up. So if you signed up, dropped out and did not submit a story, and then your writer also dropped out, I will not send that prompt to the pinch-hitters. The priority is for all people who turned in a story to receive a story. I just want that to be clear, because it always happens at least once or twice in a round.


Madness Round Info

Tomorrow I will be revealing all the prompts on AO3. You can then pick one or many to write! More than one person can pick the same prompt. There will be a second collection on AO3 call NFE Madness 2014. I will link it here tomorrow, so you will know where to upload any madness stories you might write.

These stories will not have any length or beta requirements. They just have to be uploaded before the next Saturday, when I will be opening both the main and the madness collections.


There are sure to be pinch-hits needed, so please watch the comm and your inboxes for pinch-hitting requests.

Good luck with all the last minute editing! And to everyone who has already submitted their stories: you rock! :D
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