mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose (snacky) wrote in narniaexchange,
mr five dollar foot long's sweet caboose

The Official Pinch-Hitter Post

Please, please, please sign up for pinch-hitting* here. Last year there were a few fics that needed pinch-hitting, and it'll probably happen this round too.

Same rules apply as when signing up for beta duty. You don't have to be a member/participant in the exchange to be a pinch-hitter, just someone who can turn around a thousand word fic in a short time frame.

*Pinch-hitting is what happens when a writer drops out of the exchange for some reason and someone steps up to write the abandoned request. That someone is the pinch-hitter.

This post will be screened and you'll only be contacted, if needed, by the mods.

Copy and paste this into the comments and fill it out:

Fic I can't write:

Thank you! :)
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